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Insights Dictionary for New Normal

Over a 100 years to build it.

Less than 100 days to transform it.

Modern life has never been reflected upon at scale so much as in 2020. It is a big mystery how it will manifest in the days and years to come. IdeaCulture brings together an insights dictionary that capture people's beliefs and behaviour that define the change, and perhaps define the next normal.

The global pandemic & the lockdown was THE most shocking & unique experiences in the modern era. The impact of the long pause was not limited to routines. The lockdown changed habits, lifestyles, rules, rituals, visions, beliefs, perspectives and even life priorities.

Life will never get back to normal.

It will be the ‘new normal’.

The world was totally unprepared to shutdown of normal life. But we can always be better prepared for the ‘new normal’ life.

This dictionary captures social & behavioural insights from this unique period in history to plan & prepare for the professional, academic & personal journey ahead.

No truths. No research data. No answers.

Anecdotes & interpretations are the new theories.

Will it change in the future? When and how?

How will it affect life?

How will it influence consumption?

How will it impact enterprise?

How will it change the workplace?

Will it change in the near or distant future?

Ambiguity & uncertainty is in the air.

The unprecedented crisis requests fresh thinking

What does it mean for the business?

Your business?

What will influence the role and design of products, services, spaces, culture, processes, experiences & relationships of the future? And how?

Think about it.

Share your thoughts.

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Zel Art
Zel Art
10 Oca 2022

Very Insightful and hard questions to answer for us all. Embrace yourselves people and hold on to those people, family and friends and associates that can handle the wave.

Be well and live well, Zell Artan

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