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how you do

what you do

Some call it design thinking.
Some call it strategy & innovation.

We call it by our own jargon.

We call it,
"putting one's head, heart & soul 
  into everything we do."

Right Brain


is Sensible


Decisions & consumption are driven by human emotions & justified using logic.

Creative & emotional intelligence is not a value add, but an essential ingredient of every work we do in our workplace.

Honesty &


is Sustainable


Somewhere along our unnatural path to prosperity, we lost track of the natural.

Fatigued by the pretenses, the new world and the young audience are seeking something real & meaningful.


by Collaboration

is Smart


Different experiences, perspectives & skills lead to fresh ideas, new solutions.

In the age of connected communities, working & building things together as networks is agile, impactful & enriching

area of work :

business design

We think people & behaviour.
We think ideas & innovation.
We think systems & impact.

So that business makes
AND emotional sense.

IC_focus BX.png



From mind to market and reinvention, the journey of a brand is a unique mix of opportunities and struggles.
IdeaCulture serves as a co-traveler and partner, playing a supporting role with complementing expertise, experience and perspectives.

brand vision
Unlocking opportunities, articulating the dream and the purpose behind it, planning the trip and setting the milestones before setting out on the journey. Be it for your company, the brand or an initiative.

brand story & design
Creating a unique story that sets the brand apart from many others in the world outside. A story to make it a shared dream, shared belief. A story that guides all the thoughts, words, actions & designs.

brand curation
Guiding the creation of the portfolio of products, services, experiences and initiatives that build the brandscape. A portfolio that is consistent with the brand story and connects with the brand community.

IC_focus CX.png



The consumer's relationship with brands is a complicated affair. It delight & disappoints just as often.
IdeaCulture understands the consumer and represents them in board rooms to build enduring relationships between them and brands.

experience design
Designing the diverse experiences between the consumer and brands. Experiences that are unique to and rewarding for both. Experiences that are contextual, relevant and authentic.

service design

Mapping the journey of the consumer, planning and designing the various touchpoints, interfaces & interactions. Interactions that are unique, purposeful and help accomplish tasks with ease & delight.

brand relationship
Developing relationships between brand and consumers that extend beyond transactions. Build and grow a connected community and foster bonds that are enduring, meaningful and rewarding. 

IC_focus TX.png



The people who help deliver the desired consumer experiences are often missing in brand journey maps.
IdeaCulture recognises the people who build a vision and help onboard, assist, shepherd them and keep them inspired and excited.

culture design
Designing experiences for the workplace that share, build and live the brand as a unique culture. Culture built around people, places, tools & resources. Culture that defines rituals, practices, processes and systems. 

process design

Creating frameworks, tools and methods that bring structure, efficiency and sanity to the chaotic workplace. Processes help keep work simple, clear and consistent. And focus energies in the right areas.

brand audit
Periodic review and evaluation of activities and initiatives in the organisation that define the brand and influence the consumer experiences. Ensure brand consistency using benchmarks & course corrections.

creative design

IC_focus DGN.png



Tangible creative outputs make ideas observable and add delight to every experience. Like cinematographers and art directors who give life to a film story, creative designers help the brand tell and sell their stories. 

IdeaCulture collaborates with diverse creative partners in multiple ways - as a mentor, director, co-creator or manager - to create creative outputs required by the brand. 

brand design
Identity design is the foundation of brand building, evolving identity and giving it a unique personality.

  • brand name & logo design 

  • brand tagline

  • brand typography & iconograpy

  • brand colour & visual palette

graphic design

Visual language design is a basic creative requirement for brand recognition and consistency. 

  • print & digital communication

  • environmental graphics & signage

  • information & instructions graphics

communication design
Communication is the backbone of every relationship; brands and consumers are no exceptions. 

  • content & copywriting

  • advertising

  • social media marketing

  • film & animation

spatial design
Physical environments where brands and their audience meet need an immersive experience.

  • brand retail spaces & exhibitions

  • workplaces & campuses

  • hospitality & wellness centres

  • community & public spaces

product design
Brand products define the usability, desirability, differentiation, and touch-feel experience of the brand.

  • brand product design

  • packaging design

  • brand artifacts & accessory design

  • furniture design

digital design

Digital experiences are critical for a brand to connect with its audience that is physically disconnected. 

  • website design

  • mobile app design

  • digital kiosks & touchpoints

ways to work




Internal Partner
as Company vCXO

Sometimes you need a partner with complementary the skills, experience and thinking to work closely with you for a shared goal. 
Outcome oriented work often have open brief, fluid scope and no real end date. 

Scope of Work

Commercial Model

Engagement Duration 



Min 6 months

/ read about CXOs & CDOs /



External Partner
as Project Consultant

When a work has clear objectives, well defined outputs, specific milestones and a sharp deadline it qualifies to be an assignment. 
That’s when you need someone who just takes ot over and gets it done. Done well & on time.

Scope of Work

Commercial Model

Engagement Duration 


Project Milestones

Varies with Projects

/ read about Collaborative Work Models /



Guest Partner
for a Pilot Program

In our modern world, there's always room for collaborations with no strings attached or any long term commitments. 
It starts with "let's do something together" and sometimes end with a "we should do it again".

Scope of Work

Commercial Model

Engagement Duration 

Single Program

One Time

2 hours to 3 days

/ read about Workplace Activation  /

our team

Our team has only 3 members.

You, me, & our creative partners.

There's our experience & expertise.

Then there's yours.

Between us, we have it all covered.




​Manu is a creative professional working in the consumer industry since 2000. The combination of his design skills, experience in brand business and training in behavioural sciences bring a mix of emotional intelligence & creative intelligence to the workplace & marketplace.

An architectural design graduate from IIT Roorkee, his work in brand & consumer experience design span diverse industries, scope and scale.

Future Group

Aditya Birla Nuvo

Tata Group

Titan Industries

People Combine

iDream Productions

Total Sports

Telenor India

He is also actively involved with design & business academia and professional communities.

NID Blr & Ahmd

Srishti Manipal 

IIM Kashipur


HIAL Ladakh

IPL Bangalore

ADI India & Bangalore


A design consulting firm specialised in industrial design, crafted products & packaging design.

Studio ABD tells evocative cultural stories through products and has a fine eye for detail & craftsmanship.


A brand creation & communication design studio working in print, digital, packaging & spatial experiences.

Studio Sky puts in lot of warmth & care into every work and looks to push boundaries of design.


A creative design studio for spatial experiences including museums, exhibitions, retail & public spaces.

Anecdote blends art, craft & technology has a multidisciplinary approach to all their design work.


An industrial design firm specialised in consumer durables, engineered products & crafts.

Enfost Design brings together the mix of technical know-how & passion for the vernacular & traditional practices.


A spatial design firm focused in workplace, domestic environments, boutique retail & furniture. 

Studio Meraki brings together planning, craft & curation and balances creative chaos & methodical process.


A creative content & video production studio for brand advertising, marketing, documentation & storytelling.

Wabi Sabi blends the best of new age tools & traditional theory to capture evocative stories in motion media.

our clients

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