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PL&N Cards: Decode Life Decisions


Each entrepreneur and leader build products, services and organisations very distinctly different from the others. Managers and team members too bring in immense amount of diversity to the outcomes of a workplace.

While business processes and wisdom play an important role, the sheer diversity of outcomes suggests that individual personalities are as much an important ingredient in product-service development and organisation building.  The human and the personality quotient give a distinct identity and, more importantly, a unique fate-line to the various entities in our crowded marketplace.

Intriguing as it may be, an intangible personality influence on outcomes in a workplace is discomforting.

How can one person in a position of influence impact culture of an organisation, a decision making process, features of a product, services and/or experiences ?

Design Criteria

Universal, unbiased choices (gender, experience, affluence agnostic)

Choices to have equal weightage and equally compelling (success vs progress, money vs security)

Trigger deep thinking to discourage hasty decision making (what it means)

Unsettle people to avoid carefree, indifferent choice making (loss aversion theory)

Simple, easy to use (clear language, easy to play)



I want to do and stand up for what is right. I will not tolerate anything wrong happening around me & in the world.


I want  happiness and a harmonious relationship between people. I wont settle for a heavy heart.


I want to create some impact with my life, create some change and make a difference with my life.


I want to learn more, know more, share and spread knowledge. I want to be wiser everyday.


I wish for a happy, healthy life for me and my dear ones. I do not want to be a liability for anyone, ever.


I seek social, financial stability and be self reliant. I want to give people in my life all the joy and comfort.


I want to stand by what I believe in and do what feels right. My principles, ethics, morals, priorities are non negotiable.


I will not live a boring mundane life. I want to do various things, see places, collect many memories.

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