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Brand Quality: The CQ & EQ Test

We wondered…

What do brands do to build and grow relationships with their audience, customers?

How far do they go?

We wondered…

Restaurants have it. Movies have it. Hotels have it.

Why don’t (Indian) brands have it?


To develop a Qualitative Scorecard for Indian Brands that involves a 360 degree review of a brand. It combines qualitative and technical scoring system that captures all brand aspects, assets & touchpoints.


The project aims to building awareness on brand business and evangelise 360 degree brand building.

In turn, the exercise inspire holistic, authentic brand creation by opening up board room conversations on qualitative value of brand and its assets. The people-centric brand building necessitates greater involvment of right brand thinking and associated domain experts - designers, behavioural thinkers, innovators, storytellers, trainers & more.


The creation of the brand evaluation system involves multiple checkpoints.

Character : Creating a qualitative evaluation brand

A brand that

… captures one’s imagination

… balances business and qualitative sensibility

… potential of being a stamp/accreditation for reference

Coverage : An indepth evaluation of brands across typologies

Brand width

… from product & service brands to offline & digital experience brands

… from B2B to B2B brands

… from organisation & institution brands to people & place brands

Brand depth

… from history to new brand stories

… from organisation culture to customer experience

… from product features to sales packaging

… from candid tweets to multi-crore campaigns

Consistency : A credible method for the subjective evaluation

Building credibility through

… open rating system & protocols (not leading)

... higher scoring scale for sharper feedback

… exhaustive list of evaluation criteria

… scores with supporting verbal feedback

… batch studies for aiding comparisons & standings

… pugh matrix tabulation

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