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we are in the

business of

emotion and


people - you, me & everyone -

consume with emotions and

justify with logic.

is your brand designed for people, their emotional motivations and their irrational behaviour ?

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Business is all about people.
Behaviour is the new data & emotions are the new currencies of the modern market.

Business has been about profits, processes, policies, performance and all things rational. Probably why people refuse to bring their complete self to work. Its time to change that. Time to make business more human.

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The world is a really, really, crowded place. Differentiation & innovation are survival needs,
not recipes for excellence.

This is an era of abundance. There’s too many of everything. Standing out, getting attention & earning preference is no longer about looking different. It is about being different. In thought, words and action.

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Life is complex, complicated.
Plans, guides, route maps and checklists help make the journey less stressful.

Complexity is overwhelming. It make us switch off and function mindlessly. Clarity and simplicity in every why, how and the what bring order to the chaos. And inspiration & excitement back to the journey.

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We partner with brands from inception to maturity, through its big dreams and small struggles.
  • brand vision 

  • brand story & design

  • brand curation

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We understand the consumer and represent them in boardrooms, meeting tables & workstations.
  • experience design

  • service design

  • brand relationship

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We've been there and understand what it takes to build an inspired, efficient group of cotravelers.
  • culture design

  • process design

  • brand audits

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Laying on a Chair


Building a career in family businesses

Traditional family owned organisations are associated with emotional bonds, on the job learning and loyalty. Not careers, ambitions & growth for sure.

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Beauty Products


Shop offline in India, minus human connect

When you want convenience and efficiency we opt for offline shopping. When we need touch-feel and human experience we prefer physical stores.

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Box of Tissue


Decoding the "what's in it for me" of collaboration

Large & complex problems need varied expertise & people to work together. The big nut to crack is building the collaboration. The rest is a cakewalk.

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work imitates life

& organisations

imitate people

From the beginning of civilisation we have always found the most consistent and trusted source of the Aha - ourselves. The Human.

While structures and systems borrow metaphors from the human body, processes and experiences draw inspiration from human life.

Organisations and brands, in particular, have an innate tendency to mirror human beings and human life evident in it's metaphors and shared vocabulary - DNA, identity, personality, soul, family, maturity, health, and much more.

At IdeaCulture, we constantly explore this relationship between people, their institutions, creations and actions and how they influence and inspire each other.

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Insights Dictionary

for New Normal

The dictionary captures social & behavioural insights from this unique period in modern history 
to plan & prepare for the long journey ahead.

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PL&N Cards:
Decode Life Decisions

The toolkit explore the life priorities of leaders who drive organisations to decode how it influences their vision, action & the brand values.

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Brand Quality:

The CQ & EQ Test

Evaluation of brand appeal and desirability by assessing creative quotient & emotional quotient of all brand assets & attributes. 

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Conquest of the mindspace

People (consumers) and Brands live in two different worlds; they briefly cross paths but move on soon after and live as strangers once again.

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Creative roles & creative personas

Expertise is often associated with the academic specialisation and domain knowledge. Creative roles, in contrast, are often a direct reflection of the self.

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Emotional Intel for Innovation

We often mistake ideas and solutions people appreciate, talk about with the ones people consume. True innovation needs deeper understanding of people.

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